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Mikayla Tinoco


Mikayla comes from a large family with five siblings; two older brothers and three younger sisters. Mikayla is Tia to two nephews; Ian and Jovanni, and a baby niece, Delaney. Mikayla is from a rural farm-based community in South West Kansas, Hugoton. 


Mikayla graduated from Hugoton High School in Spring of 2019. In high school, Mikayla was at the top of her class and graduated a year early. She was a part of the Science Club. Mikayla also lettered as a varsity baseball manager. Mikayla spent most of her high school evenings in bleachers cheering on her now husband Carlos. When she was not at sporting events, Mikayla enjoyed working as an assistant at Mane Hair Company. The time spent at Mane gave Mikayla the opportunity to learn from a small business owner and entrepreneur about the importance of playing a strong role in the community. 


The June following her graduation, Mikayla married her high school sweetheart, Carlos Tinoco. After their wedding, Mikayla and Carlos moved up to the Kansas City metro area for a fresh start at married life and an adventure together. Carlos works for an electric company in Olathe and is a Specialist in the Kansas Army National Guard. Since June Mikayla and Carlos have added a furry member to the Tinoco family, Rexton Jymm. 

Mikayla chose to start a career in Real Estate because the opportunity this field provides for her to make a difference in everyday life. Finding the right home or leaving the one someone is a big decision and after a summer of agent shadowing, Mikayla knew this was the field for her. She decided to go into Real Estate with the goal of helping people and families transition from a house to a home.

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