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How The Crossroads Real Estate Group Started

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Who We are!

Interestingly enough, Kyle Lee and Suzie Townley both came from education backgrounds! Kyle was taught technology in grades K-8, and Suzie a high school theatre, speech & English teacher. Suzie began her real estate career in 2001 and, after the market shift in 2008, came to Keller Williams Diamond Partners. Kyle began his real estate career at Keller Williams during the low point in the recession, 2011.

The two would meet several mornings a week through the recession years to practice presentations, keep current on contracts & technology, and discuss best practices when dealing with the issues of selling real estate in a recession. And both, while realtors were leaving the business, built thriving careers.

They also competed (mainly friendly competition) on production. The back and forth kept each motivated during tough times. In fact, for years, Kyle and Suzie were consistently in the top 5% of the Keller Williams Diamond Partners Market Center both in volume and number of families helped.

Why Crossroads?

It is traditional for real estate agents to work alone as independent contractors for a broker. Some decide to start their own brokerage and go out on their own. That is the traditional thought process. Keller Williams encourages agents to think outside of the traditional.

Working by and for yourself is lonely and difficult. There is no one to bounce ideas around with, hold you accountable to goals set or share resources. If you get sick, who takes care of your clients? And if you are sick for a long time, how do you earn a living? If you are busy enough and need assistants, you have payroll and management duties in addition to assisting clients.

Suzie and Kyle individually recognized that they were each at a defining moment in their businesses, a crossroad. Go big or go home. Going big might mean giving up service and neither one is a quitter! Joining forces seemed a natural extension of their business relationship. Sharing resources, systems, personnel, all under the Keller Williams umbrella that provides the facility, training & most up to date technology is out of reach for a small individual brokerage in this 2nd industrial revolution.

They also recognized that each of our clients is at a defining moment when they need our service. It might need a bigger house, a smaller house or a house in a different location. They might be getting ready to build their wealth by investing in rental properties or flipping homes. It could be a first home or the last home. The circumstances for the change could be happy or sad. Whatever the reason or situation, our clients are at a crossroad.

Where are we going?

Kyle and Suzie hope to create an atmosphere that will attract other skilled agents at a crossroad in their own career who see the benefit of sharing customer service systems, resources and personnel so each team member, whether an agent or a staff member, can do what they do best. They also want to make sure that all our clients and customers are treated with honesty and respect by providing the (highest, maximum, ultimate) level of service by (highly, extremely) skilled agents and staff.

Our Crossroads Logo created in Spring of 2019

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